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The Vers-a-Sled™ System offers the ideal solution to loading large & awkward cargo in the most efficient manner possible. This versatile product allows varying cargo to be consolidated on to a single shipment platform that can either be shipped directly or quickly loaded into a shipping container.

Cargo PRELOADED & SECURED prior to movement

    Heavy Duty Construction:

The Vers-a-Sled™ has been designed to be lifted fully loaded allowing movement of loaded sleds prior to shipment. Rigorous testing has proved load capacity of double the system rated 30 tonne specifications. Vers-a-Sled™ platforms can be quickly loaded in almost any configuration with numerous concealed tie-down points for load securing. The flexibility of the system includes the ability to add modular sides creating an enclosed load area (see Vers-a-Sled™ Series).

Loaded Vers-a-Sled™ movement via in-built rollers or Forklift

    Container Loading:

Once the Vers-a-Sled™ cargo is secured, loading into a container is a simple roll-in operation only taking a minute or so. Unloading is again a simple roll-out operation saving the normal container unpacking time and hassle!

The Vers-a-Sled™ has guide and locking mechanisms to allow secure container load placement for freight movement. The cargo securing options allow for most cargo movement requirements with a flexible, effective and efficient solution.

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