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DQESS - Deployable Quick Erection Shelter System

IB Supplies - DQESS
The DQESS solutions are designed to cater to various functional requirements, with different models able to be configured to suit. The construction is H/Duty to take wear and conditions of most situations, and uses state-of-the-art assembly systems to allow quick deployment and assembly. IB Supplies - DQESS

Check out some Erection Sequence images

IB Supplies - DQESS
The DQESS come in their own containers with clear component numbering for easy erection. All system materials are of the highest quality and durability for sustained outdoor use. The erection process can be varied to any location, with the ability to adjust to suit the location. IB Supplies - DQESS
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Deployable Specialised Solutions

IB Supplies - Portable Workshop
The range of Specialised Deployables cover many required functions with fully self-contained units, set-up with all installed equipment for operation. The range includes:
Deployable Workshops
Deployable Canteens
Deployable Gymnasiums
Deployable Amenities
Deployable Shelters
IB Supplies can customise a specific solution for most requirements!



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