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The Collapsible Pallet Loader System offers the ideal solution to moving loaded pallets & other platform-mounted objects in an easy & efficient manner in all-terrain.

Modular H/Duty Construction:
Design of the system with full Modularity, allows the Pallet Loader System to be quickly assembled in most environments, for temporary or semi-permanent requirements. The ability to link as many system modules together as required, allows a solution to be flexible for differing movement needs.

H/Duty Construction insures that the system will keep on moving the pallets in all conditions. Each system module can carry up to 5,000 Kg, catering for most fully loaded containers & much other general equipment.

    Stack Rack for Shipping:

Once the current movement job is comleted or shipment is starting, the Pallet Loader System can be broken-down and stored back into the shipping frame for delivery to the unloading site.

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