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Transportation - Aerodynamic Devices and Truck Bodies

Here's an end to the days of cramped, unwieldy, uncomfortable mobile displays for your organisation. Featured is a modern, mobile exhibition vehicle that is packed with easy-to-use quality features. This remarkable innovation features more comfort and space than a caravan, more convenience and simplicity than a semitrailer. Department of Defence Recruitment VehicleIB Supplies - Specialised Transport Vehicles

Custom Specialised Solutions

Aerodynamic devices and full one piece truck bodies are employed to reduce air drag resistance and improve fuel economy of road transport vehicles, as well as to enhance styling.

The examples shown here, designed and manufactured by Boon Truck Bodies, illustrates a composites cowling fitted to a Department of Defence recruitment vehicle, a fully integrated one piece body (8m long) and a hydraulically operated side, opening up the interior for display purposes.

Separate storage, display and office areas
Weatherproof, spacious access
Unshakable hydraulic stabiliser legs
Easy-to-maneuver configuration
Fibreglass body for your corporate graphics
Built-in-shelves, cabinets and files
TV monitors optional
Concealed cabling
IB Supplies can customise a specific solution for most requirements!



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