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Benefits & Advantages

Peat Sorb™ is 100% natural
Peat Sorb™ is non-leaching
Peat Sorb™ is non-toxic
Peat Sorb™ passes the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure, the Paint Filter Test and the Liquid Release Test
Peat Sorb™ is an efficient and effective absorbent: 1 litre of Peat Sorb™ will absorb approximately 1 litre of hydrocarbon
Highly effective absorbent: end users will use less product to clean up spills which saves time and money
Peat Sorb™ is an effective vapour suppressant (reducing combustible vapours from 100% to below 10% after application)
Peat Sorb™ is lightweight for easy handling and transportation
Peat Sorb™ is effective on land and water especially around shorelines
Peat Sorb™ is non-abrasive. Peat Sorb™ has a hardness factor of 1, steel 5 and clay or kitty litter 6


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